Studio8 is formed by a group of creatives coming from architecture, interior design and arts, and all our projects are a result of this fruitful blend. The 艹 bench is, with no doubt, our most representative furniture design, which has become part of the studio own identity.

Its concept is inspired by the 艹 part from the character “荒” , present in the Chinese name of Studio8 八荒. This character means herb, an aspect we consider fundamental in our creative process.

This character has became an important element in the visual identity of our studio, and will be applied to a series of designs we are working on at the moment. The bench we produced is a versatile and playful piece, with a refined and simple design adaptable to many of our interior projects.The bench materials can be adjusted, and the fabric of the cushion is different for each context.

We want to believe, as well, that our bench can be turned into the scenario for uncountable stories.

At the moment, we are also designing other objects for the 艹 experimental section of our studio, which includes a collection of T-shirts, tote bags and mugs.