The client wanted a ‘futuristic’ approach and so the team adopted elements of light and shade, boxes, view lines, weight and weightlessness to create intrigue and curiosity to draw people into the space and carry them along a journey into the gallery of the art of hair styling.
Upon arrival at the salon, clients are greetings by a gently illuminated, reeded glass wall, intersection a black framed box and angled in a way to funnel people inside this mysterious shop. With only the name an LED display and Toni&Guy in bold, black lettering to provide an indication of the environment inside.
The space not only functions are a hair salon, but is host to a many number of other programs that share the same lot; a one stop beauty and glamour treatment location, where one may leave transformed and reinvigorated as someone new.
Within this salon, you may also find manicure area, facial treatments, DJ studio, photo studio, catwalk, stage and hair spa treatment.
The large number of functions, required a detail understanding of how events and programs would play out during different times of the day, and so which programs may thus be overlapped.
The ‘gallery space’ is composed of 10 dual sided hair station arches, that is further accentuated by led lights installed in the frame, that when lit up, creates a long hallway pulling visitors through the corridor. The space adopts a minimalist approach to its finishes, leading to a purist ambience as to not create unnecessary distractions as you walk through.
Walls are white and simple, carpentry are white lacquered boxes that juggle stylist functions and bare aesthetics. Above, a wall mounted mirror, offset and backlit to reduce the weight and give the impression of a light glowing object.
Leading visitors through the gallery is a white path on the floor that doubles as a catwalk.Follow the path to the end, and the catwalk extended into a circuit ring to can guides you back into the gallery.The gallery is able to holds 60 people sitting either side of the path and an additional 160 around the ring.At the centre of the ring is a stage for which MC and presentations can be dealt, and while a 360° suspended projector screen can be lowered from the ceiling for digital media.
The bar and reception adopts an edgier approach in contrast to the paired back white design of the gallery. The heavier black form of these 2 units is constructed from steel and timber, the front of the unit, facing visitors, includes a perforated still mesh finish, lit from the inner edges to reduce the weight for the box and adds texture.


这个场地不仅仅是理发沙龙,还包含了美甲区、美容区、DJ 台、摄影棚、T台、舞台以及头发护理区。由于空间功能的极具多样性,设计师需要对活动发生的空间和时间有更深的推敲,偶尔需要同时兼具多种功能。