ANADU east valley

SX380 construction site – between old and new

Shirley exploring Shanghai – in search of authentic local materials

Elba – studies and trials for a new logo concept

Logo application

04_final product

Final test – stay tuned for more updates

Snow – during her time in USA – visit at Desert X


Desert X

Team afternoon stroll


Initial prototype of our CL01- clay stackable lamp

CZT at 798 Beijing – more updates soon

CZT at 798 Beijing – more updates soon

Site progress

Site visit

Exploring Hangzhou architectural sites 

Site visit

Andrea the explorer

ANADU II site visit / Coming Soon

Old object and vases research / shopping

Playing with puppies after a long meeting

CLOUD hotel currently under construction

CLOUD hotel taking shape

Being one of the first ones to enjoy INKWOOD restaurant

Getting ready

Dare for More, Dare to Be True exhibition

Ceramics at the 7:.:. apartment

EDIBLE EXHIBITION, in collaboration with DedoDesign

Celebrating at ANADU

Painting time

Lunch break

Working sessions

Visiting James Turrell immersive light exhibition


ANADU’s gardening master

Light coming through the windows at the RESIDENCE IN TAIPEI 

Attending a fashion event

A warm welcome

Sara at a fashion show

Toyoito exhibition

Detail in an old villa

Old villa in Shanghai

Old villa in Shanghai

Mirroring features

First contact with the Mogan Mountains

Small treasures

How life feels like at the 7:.:. apartment

Celebrating at ANADU

Experiencing rural life

Celebrating at ANADU

Nature inspiration for ANADU concept: the sky

Nature inspiration for ANADU concept: bamboo forest

Nature inspiration for ANADU concept: the mountains

How life feels like at the 7:.:. apartment

Shooting at TONI&GUY space

Backstage preparation

Winter in ANADU

ANADU covered by snow

Shooting projects

Trip to Yixian

Mural painting process at ANLIN restaurant

ZHOU MANSON under construction

We prepared mooncakes for the Chinese Moon Festival

Guangzhou conference

Food shooting in ANLIN restaurant


Broadcast at Toni&Guy flagship store designed by STUDIO8

Photoshoot in ANADU

Studio8 as a special guest

Climbing up

Weifang hightech zone planning final presentation

Detail of material joint

Details designed by Studio8 with morning light

Logo for the 7:.:. apartment

Visiting James Turrell imersive light exhibition