CAOZITOU Pagoda is a research project that STUDIO8 started in 2021. It is an installation designed for multi-functional public spaces like lecture halls or workshop spaces, made up of a group of stacked CAOZITOU benches and some stools. Inspired by the traditional Chinese pagoda, the installation can be assembled partially or fully with simple tenon structures.
CAOZITOU PAGODA is composed of many “CAOZITOU”, which uses the Chinese “SUNMAO” structure to piece together a single “CAOZITOU” into a Chinese pagoda-style art installation
When the seats are not needed, the pagoda is a free-standing bookshelf with components (stools, recomposed recycled foam seat cushions, and height extensions) placed freely on it, forming shapes that occur in Chinese characters. “We wanted to try putting multiple ‘radicals’ together to create a changing spatial totem that reflects the interactions between people, space and furniture”

我们用多个 “CAOZITOU” 通过中国传统榫卯结构进行组装,搭建了具有中国风的 “CAOZITOU PAGODA” 艺术装置