MUSEE 名见旗舰店


FEE 软装设计

AREA 300 m²


MUSÉE Flagship Store in Beijing Qianmen

— Timeless Presence & Formless Experience

“Every accessory people possess is an abstract object that serves a certain function or purpose. This changes when people place more importance and value on the object, whether through the brand, color, material, or handcrafting process. Luxury goods then become time travelers, with an ever-increasing value and preciousness while still maintaining their initial presence.” – Studio8 principle Shirley Dong

The idea of enriching the significance of an accessory defines the core concept of MUSÉE’s new flagship store in the heart of Beijing, where shopping is transformed into an unconventional experience that gives customers the chance to know more about the item they are buying and re-evaluate it with the support of professional consultants. MUSÉE delivers an open platform for timeless exquisite goods, breaking boundaries across generations and fashion trends and creating a cross point for accessories of any kind. “Classics will not be limited by time nor defined by style,” says Andrea Maira, Studio8’s creative director. This is also what inspired Studio8 to design an “undefined” space for a formless shopping experience.

The firm created the concept of “soft boundary” – no clear boundaries in the functional division of the entire retail space for MUSÉE, which is translated into two main features in the space: the mobile multi-functional counters and the central consignment room. Materials such as natural stones, stainless steel, copper and glass have been boldly applied to make the space stylish and contemporary.

The Mobile Multi-functional Counters:
The main hall is not designed in the traditional rigid way, but rather in a versatile fashion. A casted track system was designed for the open area, enabling the counters with stainless steel wheels to slide. They can be reorganized, regrouped and relocated to adapt to any scenario and event that takes place in the shop, be it daily operations, member get-togethers, static display or trend lectures. Correspondingly, the hanging magnetic track lighting system with various lighting fixtures such as spot lights, pendants and wall washers can be easily adjusted to the position of the mobile counters, paralleled with LED strips that connect the whole interior and give the space a more edgy look. Studio8 has continued to implement the versatile design concept in the brand’s second store in Wangfujing Beijing, where sliding hangers built into ceiling tracks are installed for mobile display.

The Central Consignment Room:
Consignment and valuation are the core services of MUSÉE’s business model. Studio8 has strategically positioned the consignment room – the key element – in the center of the space, which is also at the cross point of the axis of three entrances, gaining a physical presence and amplifying its importance by the value of the surrounding goods. The designers placed an artificial skylight above the desks, creating a professional laboratory ambience. As a “soft boundary”, the copper shelves with goods and lifestyle accessories installed around the glass consignment room provide the outside customers with an attractive display and the inside guests with a level of transparency as well as privacy.

Although the shop is divided into functional areas, there are no strong borders, allowing all zones to merge into each other. The combination of the timelessness and diversity of products is not only reflected in the spatial configuration of the shop, but can also be found in the color palette and material choices for both the space and the displays. The counters are made of marble and sand stone, delivering a feeling of solitude and self-presence, appropriate for showcasing exquisite jewelry and watches. Cool stainless steel wall cabinets add a stylish, yet subtle background for larger items such as handbags, while the consignment room is accented through a warm copper-finish.

The VIP room is located in a more private section opposite to the main entrance, where customers enjoy personalized service alongside a cup of coffee. Different from the main hall, a series of blue accessories, blue pendants and a custom-made blue rug are used to generate a more chic ambience for the VIP room. The designers also paid special attention to the implementation of sliding panels and flush doors, while details such as material joints, carefully selected decorative lamps and flower arrangements give an unpretentious finish to the whole.

As an offline platform for consignment luxury goods, MUSÉE concept store is an “undefined” shopping space designed with the “soft boundary” concept that expresses the core value of the brand – by preserving their character and through circulation and sharing, products can resist the change of time, thus earning their own timeless presence.


“人们拥有的每一件物品其实都具有抽象的意义,或是功能性、或是目的性。当人们通过赋予物品价值来增加其重要性时——无论是对其品牌、颜色、材质或制造工艺的珍视,事情就会发生变化。因此,奢侈品就成为了时间的旅行者,随着时间的流逝变得愈加珍贵,永远不会失去它们最初的存在。 ” – 八荒设计总监董雪莲

赋予商品永恒的生命与价值,是坐落在北京前门北京坊园区内的MUSÉE名见概念买手店的核心理念。在那里,购物变成了一种不同于常规的体验,顾客有机会了解他们将要购买的商品的价值,并在专业鉴定师的解说下对其价值进行重新评估。MUSÉE名见为商品提供了一个开放平台,打破时间与空间的界限,传递精致好物不会受限于时间的品牌理念。“经典即不会被时代更迭所限制,也不会被某种风格所定义,”八荒设计创意总监Andrea Maira如是说。Studio8不被定义的空间的设计概念由此应运而生。








MUSÉE名见作为一个奢侈品闲置交易平台的线下流通空间,融合多元且不被定义的“柔性边界”设计理念,传递了品牌的核心价值 :通过循环流通、分享与变换,赋予产品、空间永恒的存在。

MUSEE 名见旗舰店