The original brand image resembles a pure Chinese style. In the overall brand upgrade , the biggest challenge was how to inherit the traditional elements the brand used to have, and to combine with a new contemporary and international image.

STUDIO8 believes that the boundaries between cultures are becoming more and more blurred in the contemporary era; however, this does not mean that the tradition will be forgotten,  but more likely to see diverse and inclusive cultures and styles harmoniously mixed together.

STUDIO8 have always adhered to the contemporary design philosophy, in respecting traditional/local and brand culture. Therefore, in the design process, how to integrate traditional and modern, eastern and western cultures has become the focus of the design. Studio8 also noticed that the product categories of PINZHEN range from gold, amber and jade to precious stones, diamonds and platinum, as well as watches and bags, which are from  different  categories, with different materials and styles , sharing different target customers.  

In order to organise and sorting them out in the space the team has deeply analysed all the differences , tonalities and textures and arranged them from light to deep, from cold to warm, from traditional to contemporary, from a  young to a more mature audience.

In the space , Studio8 did not simply divided the shop into different areas, but designed the whole ambient into a space with linear gradual gradient change from the entrance to the back of the shop, which also became the core design concept of the space – through the changes of space colour and props material from light to deep, from cold to warm, from contemporary to traditional, and with the display of corresponding tonal product categories, the gradual change of style was formed to stimulate the deep subconscious aesthetic preferences of different consumers.

As new brand image, this new flagship store takes the phoenix as new element. In particular the representation of an immortal riding a phoenix, which in local culture is the highest level symbol of roof decoration, which overlooks everything ; symbolising the rank and luxuriousness of the building. In order to inherit the symbolic decoration of the original image of the brand, “清明上河图” (Along the River During the Qingming Festival)  , STUDIO8 has decided to cut out representative fragments of it as a background; and to use the images of birds in different postures from the story of  百鸟朝凤” (A hundred birds are paying homage to a phoenix), in order to create a visual poetry graphic of the brand for custom-made wallpaper, which runs through and connects the entire shop area like an unfolded contemporary and traditional vellum, telling the story of the brand and paying tribute to traditional Chinese culture.

Following the gradual change from light and contemporary , to dark and traditional in the whole shop, the entrance follows this logic with a light coloured area, and the counters are made of stainless steel and light wood grain; in the middle of the front area, STUDIO8 designed a stainless steel column fish tank, which is one of the elements used in PINZHEN old shops to welcome customers. There is also a comprehensive service area in the front part to provide customers packaging and consulting services.

Three golden ring-shaped modern pendant lamps, combined with a customised floor mosaic, not only add the dynamic and change of the space , but also help highlighting several key-areas. The mid part is mainly composed of watch counters, as well as purchasing and pawn areas. From this point the colour has gradually darkened on the floor, walls and counters. The watches area has been designed as a core platform , which is matched with the barrisol light box above, to create a visual focus of the middle area in the store. The corridor leading to the consignment and VIP rooms is decorated with traditional bonsai and a custom-made rounded stone light fixture; in front of which there is an open area defined by a round custom-made mosaic floor , with armchair and poufs for customers to rest. At the end of the shop the colour of the floor and wall deepened one more shade; with an additional custom-made chandelier of glass roof tiles hanging under a square dark wood ceiling, same as the “清明上河图” (Along the River During the Qingming Festival) picture, as an element from the traditional Chinese city lives, representing that PINZHEN will accompany and permeate the life of all and help to develop a new understanding of goods’ value; becoming also one of the identifying elements of the new store image. At the end of the shop there is a repair and maintenance window to provide more service to customers.


八荒设计认为,在当代,地域、文化的界线越来越模糊,但这并不代表摒弃传统,越是属于当代的事物,越有可能看到多元、包容的文化和风格。八荒设计是一个成立与上海,多文化、多学科的设计团队,他们一直坚持立足当代,尊重传统在地文化和品牌文化的设计理念。因此在设计过程中,如何融合传统与现代、东西文化成了设计的重点。八荒设计还注意到, 品真阁的产品分类从黄金、琥珀、玉石, 到宝石、钻石、铂金,还有腕表、箱包等, 无论是品类、材质,还是风格、受众人群,跨度都很大。于是八荒设计从如何使零售空间能够融合这些品类调性决然不同的产品入手,将品真阁所有的产品按照色调、调性、风格和受众人群,从深至浅、从暖至冷、从传统到当代、从年轻到成熟做了整理。
空间上他们也没有将空间简单地分割为不同的产品陈列区,而是将整个空间设计成了一个从入口至后场线性渐变的空间,这也成为了空间的核心设计概念——通过空间色彩和道具材质表现从浅至深、从冷至暖、从当代到传统的变化, 配合相应调性的产品品类的陈列,形成渐变的风格转换,来激发不同消费者内心深层次的潜意识审美喜好。店铺整体格局沿用品真阁一贯的简单传统的柜台陈列形式, 让消费者能够在熟悉的购物环境和模式中,被潜意识引导到最符合自己审美品味的空间,找到最属于自己审美品味的产品。
依据从入口至后场由浅至深、由现代至传统的渐变逻辑,入口区域为浅色区域,柜台为不锈钢和浅色木纹。前场中间,八荒设计沿用品真阁原店铺形象中的鱼缸,设计了不锈钢立柱鱼缸,迎接顾客光顾。前场还设有综合服务区,为顾客提供编绳、包装和咨询服务。三个金色环状的现代吊灯,结合地面的截取定制画面片段的马赛克圆形地面,既增添空间的动感和变化,又帮助指引顾客关注到几个重点区域。中场主要为手表柜台,以及民品收购区和典当区,空间到了这里,无论地面还是墙面和柜台,色彩已经逐渐加重,手表柜台形成环形岛台,配合上方发光的软膜灯箱,形成店铺中场的视觉焦点。通往民品室和贵宾室的走道点缀有传统的盆栽和走道尽头的原型石板灯饰。正对走廊的中场后场之间有一片开阔区域,搭配活泼的沙发和圆形定制马赛克地面,供顾客休息。到了后场,地面和墙面的颜色又加深了一层。深色木纹的回字形吊顶下悬挂的琉璃瓦片的定制吊灯,同清明上河图一样,来自传统街道形象,预示品真阁将伴随和渗透于普罗大众的生活并提升大众的价值情趣, 也将成为品真阁新店形象的识别元素之一。后场的末端是维修与养护窗口,向顾客提供更多服务。